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Samoilova Mastika Classic 1 Liter

470.00 ден

Samoilova Mastika is a premium Macedonian anise aperitif that embodies the essence of our region. Made from carefully selected, all-natural ingredients, our Mastika is distilled using traditional methods for an authentic and robust taste. With a distinct licorice-like flavor and a hint of sweetness, Samoilova Mastika is the perfect way to whet your appetite or aid digestion. This beloved spirit in our culture is often enjoyed with friends and family before or after a meal, sipped slowly to fully appreciate its unique character. Best served chilled or on the rocks, Samoilova Mastika is a true delight to the palate and a must-try for anyone seeking an authentic taste of Macedonia.

40% alc.

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1 liter, 6 bottles per case

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