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Ouzo Philippos 1 Liter

440.00 ден

Ouzo Philippos – Greek Aperitif

Indulge in the timeless Greek tradition with Ouzo Philippos, a premium aperitif that captures the essence of ancient Greece in every sip. Made from the finest anise and handpicked herbs from the majestic Greek mountains, Ouzo Philippos is a descendant of the old Greek potables that once inspired Satyrs to dance and sing. Our authentic distillation process, using a copper pot still, ensures that each bottle of Ouzo Philippos is a true masterpiece of flavor and aroma. Enjoy the perfect balance of sweetness and herbal notes, and experience the allure of the Mediterranean in every glass. Perfectly paired with traditional Greek dishes or enjoyed as a standalone aperitif, Ouzo Philippos is the ultimate ode to the Greek heritage.

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